The Hour of Change

In these last few years we have seen a shaking in the earth as all of creation groans in birth pangs of a new day (Romans 8:22) along with all the people of the earth. This shaking that is taken place has caused a new awaking, a slumber that over years has seduced the people into a false security and comfort. Questions are now being asked particularly by believers “where is the reality of what we read and talked about in the Bible, not only the absence of miracles but where is the manifest Presence of the Glory of God?” In Haggai 2 :6-9 the prophetic word is that a greater glory will be far greater than the former.

In the pandemic there was so much fear that came into the House of God yet they were still declaring that He who lives within them (Christ) is greater than anything against them. Yet we know that fear is a weapon that the enemy of our soul uses, and the fruit of this has been division within the Body of Christ and a lot of hurt people. It’s good to take stock and have a reality check rather than carry on regardless, as truth must correspond with reality, otherwise it isn’t truth.

So many today across the world are not going back to church with all the programs and jobs and organisations, are in a place of being lost. Some have gone back like disciples after the Resurrection to what they know and can control and predict.

May I suggest we look again at the foundation of Church History? It shows us that when Rome made Christianity a Religion, a Roman Template in the invisible world was put into place in how we do things. Is it possible that this is now engrained in our Spiritual DNA?

Father’s House was meant to be filled with the Breath of Life. When Jesus breathed on the disciples (John 20: 21) after the Resurrection the Breath of Life came and filled their house.

Collectively in Acts 2, we see the outpouring of the Breath of God as the Holy Spirit moved through the disciples and continued to do so. These believers were led and empowered and turned the world upside down. Wherever they went they weren’t confined to a template, but were free as they were led by the Holy Spirit who moved spontaneously.

Their foundation was a living relationship with our Lord Jesus and not an institution. The dangers are traditions, once set, become very predictable.

The organisation now becomes the voice that speaks and the Voice of God is somewhere in the distance. It’s comfortable and secure to live a life like that. What creeps in is the spirit of conformity and convenience, as well as the spirit of excellence, along with lots of rules as the spirit of the world becomes the order of the day with all the authority of men.

Father’s House has changed and doesn’t reflect the nature or the Glory of God. Soulish substitutes now become important to make everyone happy with a  feel good factor. Before we know what has happened, in the spiritual realm we have a false priesthood, false mantles worshipping at false altars.

Fathers House is meant to be a House of Prayer individually and corporately.

The Kingdom of God is here (Mark 1:15) and is bringing down the false structures as the river of the life of God is among His people and is moving all obstacles as it flows freely. CAN YOU SEE IT? In the Bible there are 222 prayers according to Troy Bremen (prophet) and this year is 2022.

Father is calling us back to a place of belonging. We are citizens of Heaven (Ephesians 2:19-22).

This is “The Hour of Change”. To seek Him first and the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33), not second or third. It’s a priority that we may go back as Jesus showed by His Lifestyle in John 14:10, that we may be living In Jesus rather living For Jesus, as we operate from a place of Freedom and Rest and do what Father shows us as it’s His Church, not my Church, His Meeting not my meeting, His works not my Works.

Perhaps this is the time of decision. Perhaps we need to repent from operating on the Roman Template and clean our Spirit up from the DNA that is in the foundations and release that we control (Psalm 127: 1, Acts 7:48-49) and all that the Lord shows us. As Isaiah 60:1-2 says
“Arise and shine for the Light has come and the Glory of the Lord rises upon you”, and when that trumpet sounds and our lives are filled with excitement, Father can present us, the Bride, to the Bridegroom just like they do in a Jewish Wedding (Revelation 19:7) Father made the choice of choosing us.

May we be ready and Full of the Breath of Life.

Pat Regan 


Prophetic word by Pat Regan

The wind is changing. For some this is good news as they know the God of the wind. The Sovereign Lord is in charge as their eyes are fixed on Him. For others its just another day not knowing what the wind of change will bring. To some all they see is the present and what is visible, others just know its part of the process where we are all heading as they have been watching the times and seasons and are alert.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is coming to His people in a new way as events in their lives begin to overtake them and the scales from their eyes begin to fall. As in the garden, Adam knew something had changed when God called him. It is a fear, motivated by love to give a guidance and boundaries that has been eroding over this time. As Father God sits on His throne raise your eyes as the unexpected will become more normal. Those that see it will not be surprised, others will still be groping in the darkness in the clutter of time. 

Rejoice for the Lord is at hand. Your redemption draweth nigh.

What you see as climate change is creation groaning for that day of the sons of God appearing.  

There is a hardness of some hearts that will begin to crack and in those cracks the light of My Glory, My Presence will bring a spirit of repentance, to bring to you real life. This will be accelerated as you yield to me. As the flood of my joy is flowing. The power of My Love will be like a tidal wave of cleansing that goes beyond knowledge and understanding. This will bring healing to every part of you. All that I do and allow is motivated by My love

Now is the time to stand up and rise in My power and strength and might. As you have been bowing down to the idolatry of this world with all its values and opinions, they will then fall off you. 

A few days later – 

Your boundaries are being tested like no other time, as the enemy of your soul is bringing more distractions. On the inside of you is My Spirit that will empower you to stand and push through the darkness and take the light of my presence (Glory) where I have placed you into the darkness. Watch and see the glory of My presence accomplish what you tried to do and cannot. As its not by might not by power but by My Spirit saith the Lord”

Prophetic Word for December 2020

We are now living in a time and season of great darkness. The dragon beast has released a pandemic plague that has crossed the globe at a rapid rate. Fear and death seem to be the order of the day. Not only are the economies of the world changing but there is also change in the culture of humanity. The world has entered into a totally new level of spiritual warfare. The cashless society and the prospect of a new world order are no longer just contained in books but are becoming a reality in our lifetime. Events are moving at a fast pace as we are approaching the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The battle fought now is very real, as we have been warned in Ephesians 6:12: ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,’ (KJV). This is an organised kingdom with different levels of power and authority, and they have an agenda to stop humanity coming to know God and to kill the life of the Son of God in us. Satan will use disguises and deception to imprison humanity in unbelief, doubt and fears. We haven’t been in this position before.

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There must be something more…

None of us are a mistake. And we didn’t just come into existence to feed and clothe ourselves, and build our houses and go to the church, and that be it. There is a much bigger reason as to why we get up in the morning.

My story begins with me trying to do the right things in life, with no real awareness of a creative God, let alone there being a plan and a purpose for my life. It was hard enough living in a home of poverty, and physical and emotional abuse each day. Trauma and pain were the order of the day. Surviving was a normal way to live.

The thought that was always there was – ‘There must be something more’.

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